12 Things That Everyone Wants in a Match


I’ve written many articles about what a man wants and what a woman wants in a partner. This is why I felt compelled to write what everyone wants in a partner. Many of the articles that I’ve written I’ve seen a lot of commentary on saying that not only men want those particular things in some lists in which I focused on men, but women want those very same things, and vice versa. The truth is, I write specific articles that are seemingly intended for one gender at times to get different perspectives from that particular gender, and maybe even some feedback by comments. As well, in many of the must-have list types of articles that I’ve written, I truly feel as though some of those reasons, qualities, or attributes are more specifically admired by a certain gender, and that’s why I write it, because it’s my personal opinion. Having said that, in this article I’m going to list 12 things that everyone wants, so hopefully this one will make everyone happy. Let me know if you agree with this list by leaving a comment as to your thoughts. Oh, and if you disagree, be sure to let me know your thoughts as well!

Here’s the list:

1. To feel loved:

Someone who loves you for who you are, and not what you have, what you look like, or what you do.

2. Honesty:

Someone who will be honest with you. A person that won’t keep you in the dark, and view it as honest. But instead, they’ll be open book, honest, and share things with you.

3. Chemistry and attraction:

We’re all attracted to different things in people, but when the fire and chemistry is there, it can make or break the deal.

4. Family oriented:

Whether you have a big family or a small family, you tend to want your partner to love and embrace them, at least as much as you do. As well, you want them to be respectful and loving towards your family.

5. Confident and secure:

Someone who’s confident and secure with themselves as a person, whether it’s how they look, how they act, or what they do in life as far as their career and keeping busy.

6. Being whole:

Someone who’s a whole person themselves is happy with themselves and their own life. When a person is whole before finding a partner in life, they’ll have more to give, and then truly become a better partner for their other half you should be whole as well.

7. Affection:

Affection is important to both men and women, and affection does not mean intimacy. Affection is warm, like a warmth of an embrace, a kiss, cuddling, or holding hands.

8. Intelligence:

Intelligence is sexy, and viewed as one of the most appealing qualities and another person. Being intelligent, means being able to carry on conversation whether it’s about politics, relationships, or anything else. Being emotionally intelligent is a big deal to most people in a relationship as well.

9. Trust:

Trust is different than being honest. Trust is developed by honesty, and can be developed by believing in your partner, and giving them the benefit of the doubt when they deserve it. Trust is definitely something that can make or break relationships.

10. Effort:

Whether you’re a man or a woman, effort is essential and keeping a relationship happy. It’s imperative that we all put effort into everything we do, and yes, even the little things. Effort costs nothing, so despite whether or not someone is financially wealthy, they can be more sentimental at times, and put just a tad bit more effort into the little things that they’re able to in order to make your partner happy.

11. Best friends:

Being close and best friends with your partner is what everyone wants. To be able to share things together, whether they’re feelings, past experiences, shared activities, a laugh, or even common interests, the time spent, and the quality of shared moments is what creates that feeling of a best friend within a partner.

12. Great communication:

Being able to communicate openly and freely to your partner is everything when it comes to having a healthy and happy relationship. This is what everyone wants. We all want the ability to communicate our feelings to our partner without feeling judged, and without having to go to battle every time we speak.

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