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has been a go-to holiday destination for the past few decades, for families and couples alike. Its islands boast some of the most remarkable beaches out there. From Bali through Nusa Penida all the way to Nusa Lembongan, this exotic destination is bound to charm anyone. Endless stretches of sand, turquoise waves, breathtaking sunsets will color your stay no matter which island you choose. Still, it’s worth learning about Indonesian beaches to make your decision somewhat easier. Depending on where you book your accommodation, your experience of Indonesia can vary. So, read on to get acquainted with some of the must-know things about what each of these beaches offers.

Canggu Beaches


Perhaps the most famous stretch of beaches in Bali, Canggu has a couple of them among which anyone can find their favorite. Almost synonymous with “luxury”, the area’s brimming with villas, and there’s no better place to stay if on a romantic getaway. Beside the luxury resorts and tourist attractions like the Splash Waterpark, Canggu’s surrounded by a rural vibe and green rice fields. Therefore, you can draw from it the best of both these worlds. For surfing, you can head to the widely popular Echo Beach, while for scenic sunsets, Batu Bolong has got you covered.

Kelingking Beach


This hidden gem of a beach on Bali’s “little sister” island, Nusa Penida, is great for adventurers. Picturesque sceneries dot its shores, which you will be excited to explore. It is not for the inexperienced though, as some parts of the cliffs have no railing, so be careful. The same goes for enjoying the waters of this untamed beach. The waves can get quite strong as well. Surfing’s therefore only recommended for experienced surfers. However, even if just to catch a glimpse of the sunset, it’s so breathtaking that it’s more than worth your time.

Melasti Beach


If you’re looking to really switch off from the world and enjoy a beach that is not so packed, Melasti Beach is a great choice. Often said to be the number one most instagrammable beach in Bali, it is located south of Kuta and it boasts really unique and picturesque views that will surely charm you. In addition, the food there is on the cheap side so it won’t be breaking the bank while you’re enjoying yourself!

Seminyak Beach

Another paradise, especially perfect for honeymooners, Seminyak is one of the most outstanding beaches of Bali where you can be spoilt like never before. It’s less crowded than other popular beaches such as Kuta, but it still boasts plenty of nightlife in the form of beach clubs where you can sip your favorite cocktail every night, under the palm trees.

In addition, if you are wondering about things to do on honeymoon in Bali, Seminyak has certainly got you covered. You can be chilling while sitting in a colorful bean bag at a fun beach cafe, going scuba diving and surfing if you want a bit of action, doing some yoga at Seminyak Yoga Shala or visit one of the many spas with your significant other and enjoy relaxation to the maximum.

Mushroom Bay Beach


Mushroom Bay Beach on the Lembongan Island, a small island just by Nusa Penida, is quite different from what you usually see at the popular spots in Bali. Its waters are dotted by boats. While the beach might not be as flawless as Seminyak Beach, for instance, the added benefit is that there are also considerably fewer tourists around. If it is a more laid-back vibe that you’re looking for, Mushroom Bay Beach might be a good choice. You can stroll around, visit the cafes in the area, and dine at an affordable price. Even just watching the boats come and go can be a relaxing afternoon activity.

Nusa Dua Beach


This flawless beach is an amazing choice for a day of family fun. Both the beach and the water are impeccably crystal clear. Also, it has high-class hotels and anything you might want or need at arm’s length – even a golf course. Many resorts include kids clubs, but there is also plenty to do for all ages in Nusa Dua. Activities range from temple visits (like the Geger Temple!), venturing out to see the impressive Water Blow, all the way to camel tours. So, you won’t get bored in Nusa Dua for sure!

Amed Beach


Another must-visit Bali beach, Amed Beach is a little bit off the map. It is located on the eastern coast of the island as opposed to most of the popular spots of Bali in the south. Still, Amed Beach is well-known for being one of the best places in Bali to go snorkeling and scuba diving. You can find plenty of dive shops in Amed so if you’ve never tried these activities before, now would be the best time! In between the diving sessions, get some delicious seafood in this fishing village.

Kuta Beach


A staple when it comes to Bali tourism, Kuta beach is the go-to place for those looking for an adrenaline rush. This dynamic beach on the south of the island is an excellent choice if, during your stay, you are planning to be riding the waves quite a lot. Besides being a surfer’s paradise, it’s also a great destination for families and young people in general. Tourists can also spend a day at the Waterbom Waterpark if going to the beach starts feeling a bit monotonous.

All in All

As you can see, there are plenty of noteworthy Indonesian beaches, and not just on the popular island of Bali. Still, this list is just the beginning. Once you’re there, you’ll learn the best way to find and discover the best beaches is to venture out and explore the country yourself!

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