5 Ways to Know Your Relationship Is Worth Fighting For


During early dating, you should always acknowledge red flags, instead of sweeping them under the rug. It shouldn’t matter how attractive someone is or just how much chemistry you might have with one another when red flags are present. However, when there aren’t necessarily red flags, but there is some turbulence or hard times early on, where you and your partner disagree with one another and have arguments, you may start to question whether your relationship is really worth fighting for. Only you will really know how you feel, and if your relationship is worth the fight, so you have to listen to your instincts to some degree, but the following 5 tips might help when it comes to making up your mind.

1. You’re in Love

There’s no better reason why couples should fight for their relationship to work more than when it’s based on love. When your relationship is based on pure love, you’ll not only have the desire to make things work, but you’ll likely be more willing to improve things throughout your relationship in order to maintain happiness. When your relationship is based on love, it’s based on the most important foundation pillar which can ultimately hold everything together during hard times.

2. You Ultimately Want the Same Things

Knowing whether you and your partner want the same things is something that you should’ve found out early on during the dating period. When you know that you and your significant other want the same things in your life right now, that’s great! But it’s even greater when you know that you ultimately want the same things in your future. Being on the same page and ultimately wanting the same things is imperative in order for your relationship to grow and move forward together.

3. You’re Happier with Them, Than Without Them

You should smile more than you frown, laugh more than you get angry, and have more good times than bad times in your relationship. But more than anything, you should feel happier when you’re with your partner, than without them. When you get to that point where you realize that you’re much happier with them, than without them, you’ll know that you can never let them go. And although happiness is something that we feel in a mere moment, it’s important to work on your relationship by putting love and effort into things that you do for one another to maintain good times. As well, you should be willing to maintain your love and happiness so that your relationship will thrive. So when you’re happier with your partner, as opposed to being without them, do whatever you can in order to make things work, because happiness is definitely worth fighting for.

4. You’re Not Only in Love, but Your Best Friends Too

One of the biggest mistakes that couples can do is get married before they’ve developed a friendship with one another. When you and your partner are best friends, you’ll trust them, confide in them, and vice versa. You always have one another to run to in times that are good, bad, and in times of need. When you’re best friends, you shouldn’t have to filter what you say, and you should have the type of comfort level with one another where you can openly express your feelings without ever feeling judged or ridiculed. So when you’re best friends with your partner, you have one of the biggest reasons to fight towards making your relationship work.

5. You Imagine Growing Old with Them

When your love is strong and you feel happy in your relationship, you’ll likely start to wonder what it would be like down the line, and in your future. You may wonder what it would be like if your partner was in your life forever, what it would be like if you got married, and even if you had children together. When you get to the point in your relationship where you can imagine growing old with your partner, and you see things as beautiful, loving, and everlasting, you have everything in the world to fight for. So stick it out, push forward, and do whatever you can in order to fight through any stumbling blocks along the way. Besides, anything good in life isn’t easy, and is definitely worth the fight.

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