The Beauty of Balance in Relationships



Everything that has balance in life tends to bring about more happiness. And not merely that short term, instant, immediate gratification type of happiness. But more so, the type of happiness that lasts for the long term. Whenever things are done right, the outcome is better, and the consequences are less. It’s important to care about what you love, and not just to say that you love something, but to wholeheartedly take care of and appreciate it through your actions and dedication. The same thing goes for when it comes to the well being of your relationship, which is why it’s imperative to be dedicated and care about how you and your significant other feels in regards to the level of happiness in your relationship. At the end of the day, balance is what will make things better. The more balance, the happier a couple will be.

One of the most important things needed in a healthy relationship is to make sure that there’s enough give and take, and simply put, enough all-around balance in your relationship. It’s important to focus on giving to one another, rather than be a taker, so to speak. Focus on what you can do as an individual, a lover, a friend, and a partner so that you’ll be doing your share of giving in your relationship. One-sided relationships never work as most of us know, or at least, as most of us should know. But many times, and unfortunately so, people end up in one-sided relationships, and they simply have no idea how their relationship got there. They simply have no idea how they got to the point where they feel empty, and perhaps like a total fool for letting their relationship deteriorate where nothing seems fair anymore, and they feel as if they’re the only one who’s putting in all the effort, doing all of the work, all of the giving, and all of the loving in their relationship.

When both people in a relationship focus on giving, and on what they can bring to the table, more than on what they can take from the table, their relationship will blossom. A relationship is like a seed that will turn into a flower, and which has the potential to not only bloom and look divine and beautiful but also the potential to last and live a long life. Well, you know, the long life of a flower. You get my drift. But the more love that that flower gets, the longer it will live and be beautiful. You can’t over-water it or give certain flowers to much sunlight or even shade for that matter. And the same thing goes for people. You have to care about the wants and needs of your particular partner. And if you don’t know what they are, ask them, and be direct and clear when doing so.

Some people need more love than others, which brings me to the point that, we all want to be loved differently. As well, we all feel loved by different things (click here), and we need to not only acknowledge that we are all individuals in that regard, but we need to feel comfortable enough to communicate with our partner so that we can openly talk about what each of our wants and needs is. These types of things should never be guessed or assumed. Don’t play games! And for goodness sake, no beating around the bush when it comes to something as such—something so important for you to know. Once you know what your partner’s wants and needs are, and just what makes them feel loved the most, do those things, be giving, and put your all into everything, so that you’ll be doing your share in your relationship.

The bottom line is if you want your relationship to be healthy, happy, and to have more of a chance at keeping the love and passion alive for the long term, work hard and maintain your relationship by having enough balance. We all need to do our share of things in our relationship, but also, as an individual. You see, we need to be whole and complete as a single person before we can further complete another human being. We shouldn’t go into relationships, feeling as though two people are two separate halves that will fully complete each other and suddenly become whole when they match. But rather, we should think of two whole people who match, join together and become great. They become great, bigger, and even more complete than they were.

Another way of having enough balance in your relationship is to make time for everything in your life that’s important to you. Don’t put all of your thoughts, your passion, your love, or your effort and hard work into one thing, and one thing alone. If you love someone, something, or if you love anything and you’re passionate about it, show it by being dedicated and making the time to maintain, care for, and appreciate what you have. Be balanced in life and in love, and you’ll be a much happier and well-rounded person, not to mention, a better partner in your relationship. And last, but not by any means least, be thankful and appreciative. Part of being truly balanced, as well as being in a truly healthy and balanced relationship, is being a thankful and appreciative person. Focus on the good, and on the things that you have and share, and be thankful for every damn one of them.


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4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Balance in Relationships

  1. Balance in a growing, empowering and loving relationship is not necessarily a “50-50 environment”…is it? I believe in an “inter-dependent” relationship…the greatness of Two Souls…imo.

  2. nice creative pics & great advice on having balance in relationships. One should also have balance with their own lives..

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