When Jaded People Date


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Some people definitely judge others too soon. It’s important not to make assumptions about people based on nothing. When you meet someone new, and when you have hopes of building something that will turn into a solid relationship, you need to take the time to get to know them. But you also need to give people a clean slate when they don’t don’t have a bad track record. You can’t just go around assuming that you how someone is, because of what you might’ve seen or experienced from your past. That’s not really giving anyone a clean slate, and that’s definitely not giving a situation a real chance. 

To give a promising situation a chance, you need to be patient, give things time, and ask the right types of questions early on. As well, you should judge people more so based on what you learn about them as you get to know them, rather than from what they share with you about their past or even worse, from assuming things in lieu of your own past and things that you’ve experienced. Don’t bring in baggage from bad experiences. Not everyone is going to hurt you, take advantage of you, or deceive you in any way. Don’t assume that they will.

Give people who don’t have a bad track record a genuine clean slate by giving them the benefit of the doubt. Stop assuming the worst, stop the paranoia and negative thinking, and start thinking of people as genuinely good. Try to see things with optimism, as well as with a loving and open heart. Keep an open mind when getting to know someone new. Take time to heal before starting something new with someone if you’d experienced some hard times or a bad relationship. Push the refresh button on your soul after bad experiences. Start all over, and without dragging your past into your future.

Don’t be jaded. Being jaded is not sexy. There are good people in this world who will not only have pure and good intentions, but who also want the same things as you. You need to have an open mind to a certain extent when dating someone new, and you need to let go of the past and release any bad or negative experiences, as well as all of that bad energy, and brush it all away. Let go of what was, and open up your heart, so you can discover what is, and what will be. If you’re jaded, then you need to take time by yourself until you’re actually ready to date.

Being jaded is never a good time to start something new. You see, when jaded people date, they end up making assumptions, always assuming the worst about people, and not really giving promising situations a chance. Not to mention, sometimes, they can be very mean with their assumptions, how they judge people, and with how they lack trust. You need to be able to trust someone. Therefore, if you’re jaded and not ready to date, please save us all from dealing with your blues drama, and deal with your own issues first and foremost, and way before dating. Wait until you’re emotionally available, until your emotional protective walls and barriers are down once again, until you’re healed, until your heart is open, and most of all, until you’re a whole and complete person—then date.

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