Searching for Love in All the Wrong Places


For those that have experienced the dating scene, by now, I’m sure that you’ve seen that it can be quite challenging to find what you’re looking for. And you should know exactly what you’re looking for, or at the very least, you should have some idea of what you want in a partner. But many people struggle not only with finding the right person, but also when it comes to figuring out where to meet people.

You can meet someone just about anywhere. At least, if you’re open to it. You need to be open with your feelings, and you should also be approachable, so that someone will feel comfortable coming up to you and chatting. As well, you should never be afraid to make the first move whether you’re a man or a woman. And although I do believe that men should take the lead during early dating, there’s nothing wrong with a woman being confident and making a move, even if it’s merely a smile or a simple hello.

One of the biggest problems singles face when it comes to meeting people, is that people are searching in all of the wrong places. And despite the fact that you can meet someone just about anywhere throughout your day, there are certain places that you’ll be less likely to meet people. Going to places like bars or any type of place where people are predominantly looking to either hook up or just “have fun,” probably won’t be your best bet if you’re looking for something meaningful and long-term.

Another thing that you should make sure when looking to find your match, is not to look for perfection. Perfect doesn’t exist. And even when you know what you’re looking for in a partner, you shouldn’t expect to find every little thing in that person. Keep an open mind when you go out and about, instead of having a long list of expectations or coequal completely avoiding a person because of how they look on their exterior.
Remember, being approachable is very important so that others will come up to you, but you should never be so picky to the point where you ignore the signs of when someone else is interested, simply because your expectations are unrealistic or unreasonable.

Being open to love, means being open to whatever a person has to offer. And until you actually take the time to talk with someone and get to know them a little bit, you’ll never really know what they’ll be like. I’m not saying to give everyone a chance, but it never hurts to say hello or to wear a little smile. Having said that, ultimately, try to remember that it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. And when it comes to chemistry, sometimes it takes someone speaking a few words to get a glimpse of whether or not any exists. 

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