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Everyone hopes to feel ecstatic and loved in a relationship. We all want to feel loved for who we are on the inside, and not just for our physical appearance, for the things we have, or even for any of the things we’ve wrought strenuously on achieving in life. Proud of – affirmative, but not loved because of those things. Having said that, we all feel loved in different ways. It’s paramount to have a discussion during the early dating period about that – so you have a better understanding of what it will take in your relationship to show each other how much you care, and so that you will both feel loved.

Some things will make you feel loved and other things will make your partner feel loved, but you should know how to make one another feel truly loved from the very get-go in a relationship. In this article, I want to share what you should do to give your new relationship your all. After you’ve had the conversation about what makes you each feel loved the most, find consequential ways to maintain the love and ecstasy of your incipient blossoming love.

The next step is very simple. It consists of six things that you should focus on in order to give your new relationship a healthy boost. But remember, you will require to do these things throughout your lives, and not just in the commencement in order to maintain the love and happiness in your relationship. Even true love involves a little work.

1. Focus on What You Have, Instead of on What You Lack

Focus on the positives, but address the negatives. Pick and choose your battles. It’s not about winning or losing in relationships so it’s important to remember that whether you are right or wrong, couples should learn and grow from and with one another. No one is perfect in life or in relationships. Relationships give couples a chance to learn about one another on a deeper level before marriage.

Many times we sweep red flags under the rug, but we shouldn’t. We need to acknowledge red flags and things that are upsetting or unsettling to us in any way. And although it’s imperative to address the negatives and work on improving things if possible, one of the most important things to do from the very beginning of a relationship and throughout your lives is to focus on the positives.

Focusing on the positives in a relationship and even in life for that matter, is what makes you feel blissful and appreciative. When you focus on the things that you have, rather than on all of the things that you lack in life or in your relationship, you’ll be happier and your relationship will thrive from doing so.

2. Be Appreciative of Each Other

Be thankful and appreciative that you have found each other – that not only you have someone, but you have someone who you can connect with and hopefully, on as many levels as possible. You found someone you have fire and chemistry with and who is there for you through good times and lamentable, someone you can run to when you need something or even a shoulder to cry on. You found someone to be silly with, to laugh with, and even to snuggle up on the couch adjacent to.

It’s consequential to recollect how fortuitous we all are for every little thing that we have. Life is so short. Don’t forget that fact or let moments pass you by where you can show your love or gratitude to someone you dote. Many times, the best way to let people know how much you care is by communicating that love to them through your words and actions. Show people that you are genuinely appreciative.

Be thankful that you have the chance to explore something special with the person in your life and be profuse of gratitude. Many people show how grateful they are in life by praying to God and thanking Him for all of their benedictions in life. And also for giving them someone so lovely to get acquainted with and spend time with. There are so many people out there who feel lonely or unloved. Remember to appreciate your partner and make them feel special by doing simple acts of kindness, sweet gestures, gifts just because, and even by saying thank you, and exhibiting your gratitude through your words and actions.

3. Do Everything With Love or From a Place of Love

You can do just about anything in life in a good way or in a bad way. You can do things with a plethora of love, effort, enthusiasm, passion, and it may even feel effortless to be benevolent and giving to your partner. But then, you can also do things and feel like you have to do them or someone will be disappointed in you, which frankly, it’s not as nice to receive something from someone who feels that way.

Sometimes we do things because we feel pressured that we have to do them. Most people won’t be as appreciative as they would be if you had done the very same acts with the feeling of love. This all goes back to feeling loved in different ways. Many times people feel loved when their partner does sweet gestures and things that they don’t really have to do but they do anyway to show them how much they care. It’s important to always try to do your best and be as giving as possible in a relationship and to those who care about. Hopefully, that thoughtfulness, love, and care will naturally be reciprocated.

It’s withal paramount to do things with a certain quantity of love and care – or you should just hold off and not do anything until you have authentic feelings for someone. When someone isn’t feeling like they optate to do much for someone else, there might be a more sizably voluminous underlying issue that they’re withholding or perhaps they’re not that into you. But if that’s the case, then you shouldn’t be with that person anyway. Hopefully, they will communicate how they’re feeling to you. Asking is the best way to know.

4. Have a Date Night Once a Week

It’s so important to keep the fire alive in a relationship. This is important throughout your lives together and not just early on. Remember, the honeymoon phase can last a lifetime if you have a healthy foundation. That foundation should be built on love, honesty, trust, great and open communication, appreciating each other, and making each other a priority in your life.

You should be best friends but additionally, remember to keep the fire alive and be romantic with each other. Set up a date night every week where are you do something romantic and light candles and play music or go to a lovely restaurant and relish a nice dinner together.

5. Closeness, Affection, and Intimacy

As far as intimacy goes, couples should be intimate if and when they’re ready so that depends on each couple as individuals and I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Having said that, having enough closeness and affection in a relationship is so important. Be so affectionate and loving to each other.

Couples shouldn’t be couples if they don’t feel enough fire and chemistry with one another. Also, if they’re not attracted to each other enough. You should feel excited and get that butterfly feeling just knowing that you’re going to see each other. Closeness and affection involve things such as holding hands, giving hugs and kisses, touching each other’s hair, etc. Once you have enough of a comfort level in your relationship, you should have an adequate amount of closeness and affection.

6. Be Best Friends

Be each other’s best friend, backbone, biggest fan, support system, and person who you go to confide in or share things with whether good or bad. Have each other’s backs – no matter what. Give each other the benefit of the doubt – instead of the mistake many couples make of assuming the worst or believing whatever they hear. Trust your instinct as well as your love.

Share with each other. You should each be the first person that you both go to when you have genuinely great news or want to share something authentically exhilarating with. And of course, being very close to one another at heart takes time spent. Spend time with each other, talk to each other whenever you can, and give each other enough attention – which by the way, is another way that people feel loved.

In order to be each other’s best friend, remember to be very honest and trusting in your new relationship. New relationships are brand new beginnings, so they deserve a clean slate, as if you have a brand new baby, and a fresh start. Give your relationship the best chance at being amazing by doing these six things and giving your all to your new relationship.

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