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There are many stages in life that we all go through as human beings. We start out as a baby, the next thing you know we’re a toddler, a teenager, an adult, and before you know it, we’re older. We can’t really control these types of things. This is all part of life and human nature. We don’t have a choice to skip any of these steps. We have to go through each and every stage in life. Clearly I’m stating the obvious here. However, when it comes to being with your best possible match, you should go through the stages as well, and you shouldn’t skip any of the steps along the way. 

There should be a first phone call, a first date, a dating period, an exclusive relationship, an engagement period, marriage, kids, and growing old together, etc., etc., etc. Obviously not everyone wants marriage and babies, but for now, let’s not dissect my main point. You’re not supposed to skip any steps when you want to be with someone, at least when you’re dating with marital intentions. Skipping steps is basically like rushing to the altar. You should take the time to get to know the person that you’re with by listening, talking, asking the right questions, and all in all, you should be spending quality time with one another.


Being exclusive is imperative, because you need to give a situation a genuine chance. The best way of doing that is when you’re not dating others and you’re focused solely on that one person. When it comes to taking the next step and getting engaged, most people enjoy being engaged for a little while and don’t want to rush to the altar. But unfortunately, sometimes people are in such a hurry. But honestly, it’s a shame, because many times they miss out on the experience of “being engaged,” and all of the fun and happy things that go along with it. 

You should never skip the stages of falling in love and building a life with someone. Every stage has its own beauty, and it’s important to experience everything in life. Despite what stage you’re in, One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that you should be enjoying your time with the other person – in the process of learning about them and seeing if they’re the best possible match.
Part of life is enjoying things, and we should all get to experience happiness, and good times.

Some of the happiest relationships are the ones that experience laughter, good times, and smiles. Being able to laugh with your partner is do so much that it can create happiness from sadness or anger. Laughing together should be a must for all relationships. So keep this in mind while experiencing each and every stage that you go through whether you’re dating, in a relationship, married, and well into old age. Remember to find the beauty in everything, and to appreciate and embrace each stage while we’re experiencing it, instead of being focused on the next stage or even the previous stages.

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