The Perfect Woman, the Perfect Man, and the Perfect Life



We all hope to find our best match in life, and we all like what we like. But there are some people that have such unrealistic expectations of finding this perfect idea of what a woman or a man should be like. It’s important to be realistic when looking for a partner in life, and to not have such unattainable expectations where you don’t even give people a chance. Don’t get me wrong, because not everyone deserves a genuine chance. However, when you find that you have chemistry with someone and that you’re compatible on many levels, that would be defined as a promising situation, and promising situations definitely deserve a chance.

The problem some people have, whether they’re a man or a woman is that they’re looking for this perfect package. This perfect thing that doesn’t exist. Perfect doesn’t exist and it’s important to know that when looking for your best possible match. Part of being in a relationship is knowing how to compromise, take turns, and learning to accept things, even when you don’t get your way. Things aren’t always going to be done your way or exactly how you want them to be. This is a reality that you need to know now, and that you need to be able to live with in life, let alone in any relationship. If you want to have a successful relationship, you need to learn how to compromise, and to take the good with the bad at times.

You’re never going to find a perfect package of exactly what you want in another person. When you see that a situation is promising, that you’re compatible, and can connect with one another on many levels, and when you feel that your attraction is strong enough to each other, and when you ultimately want the same things in your future, you should give things a chance. If someone has nearly every quality that you’re looking for in a person, but one thing is lacking, take it easy, let go of your conceived notions of how things should be and how you expect your partner to be, and give it a shot for goodness sake!

To lack one, two, or even a few qualities that you hope for in a person, when they have every other quality and attribute that you hope to find, think twice before turning the person away. You have to look at finding true love as a beautiful opportunity to share your life with another person, and you have to be willing to compromise in order to get that type of love. People that tend to want perfection and that perfect, exact match in life tend to view others in a delusional light so to speak. There’s no reality when you view things as perfection.

If you’re the type of person that’s looking for perfection in a match, then you’re likely also the type that views the grass as being greener elsewhere. But let me tell you – it’s not greener anywhere. You see, despite what you’re viewing elsewhere or in others as perfect, it’s completely a delusion, because you’re only seeing what you don’t have, and usually when you have the very same type of thing or person right in front of you, you’ll tend not to appreciate it, or even acknowledge how great it is. Viewing anything or anyone as perfect is a complete delusion, so whether or not you see others as living this perfect life or being with that perfect person, it’s imperative to know now, and always that it isn’t perfect, and that you’re not missing out on what they have or what you think they have.

You should focus on yourself, and come to terms with the fact that no one lives the perfect life or is even with that perfect person. The most that you can get in life is your best possible match, and as far as success goes, sure, you can become incredibly successful, but only if you’re willing to put in the love, effort, and hard work that it takes. This goes for everything in life, because if you truly want anything to be successful, whether it’s your romantic life, your social life, or in business, you need to be willing to give it your all, and rid yourself of the delusion that perfect exists or that others are living that perfect dream. 

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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Woman, the Perfect Man, and the Perfect Life

  1. It’s about family expectations. Many parents want their child to have the perfect spouse who agreed with them completely like mine, who married me off to what they thought was the perfect guy. He is very controlling and doesn’t give me any space.

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