When You’re Too Picky in Online Dating



Being picky and knowing what you want is great. You should be picky, because you should know your worth and go after the best in life. But you can’t expect to find perfection, because that simply doesn’t exist. 
When it comes to online dating, many people browse through profiles on a superficial level, looking at pictures, what people do for a living, and even how much money they might make. Looking good on paper can only get you so far. 

Online dating can be a total drag. That’s why I’m not a part of it personally. I find the online dating scene to be completely toxic in many ways. I’ve even written many articles about online dating, and created a specific section for it on both of my blogs. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find love in an online dating site. It just means that it’s nearly impossible.
You can find love anywhere in this world, but when you’re searching online, it’s going to be much more challenging and you’re going to have to weed out like 90% of all of the bullshit, fake profiles, and people that are on there with bad intentions and impure motives. But again, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find love in an online dating site. You can, it will just be very, very challenging. 

I was reading through a relationship forum the other day, and I came across a question that someone asked. They asked if they were being too picky and stubborn when it came to online dating. And I felt the desire to express my thoughts on the matter. First of all, knowing what you want and being picky is essential if you want the best of the best in the world. However, being stubborn is never a good thing. Having said that, being picky and knowing what you want is one thing, but being extreme and looking for perfection in another person is a horrible method to live by if you’re hoping to find true love.

True love exists, but it takes hard work and it never involves perfection. And even when you’re willing to work hard on your relationship, you need to come to terms with the fact that it will never be absolutely perfect. You can live a fairytale type of life, be madly in love with one another, and feel predominantly happy on a daily basis, yet still, nothing will always be perfect. And when it comes to online dating, you should be even more picky than you would be if you were to meet someone outside of an online dating site. The reason is that there’s already so much involved with getting to know a person, but in online dating, there are an incredible amount of layers that you have to get through, just to find someone that’s “normal,” let alone a great match for you.

I wrote an article about how “normal is the new sexy,” which was mostly referring to the fact that it’s so hard to find a match these days, that many of us are simply settling for normal. We shouldn’t have to settle for anyone or anything in life that’s not what we really want. We should go after the best, be patient, maintain hope, and keep searching for that one special someone that we know is ours, and is truly meant for us. If we settle for anything less, and we simply search for someone that’s just adequate, and “normal,” we will never be truly satisfied, because it’s not everything that we were really looking for, and we all deserve to have the love that we want. 

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