You Can’t Force Someone into a Commitment


You can’t force someone to do anything in life, and you definitely can’t force anyone to want to be in an exclusive relationship with you if they don’t want to. Whether someone isn’t ready to be in a relationship with you or at all for that matter, you should be clear about whether there’s any truth and legitimacy to that or whether they’re simply not into you.

Unfortunately, when people aren’t direct, it can be a way of stringing someone along while they figure out what they want in life. You should know whether someone is interested and really doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you or whether they’re just brushing you off because they lack interest in you altogether.

When somebody wants to be with you, you’ll know it by their words and their actions. You should never have to read someone’s mind in order to find out if they like you. When people want to be with someone, they make it obvious by making the time for you, and even by pursuing you until you literally know that they’re interested.

Knowing whether or not someone loves you shouldn’t be a guessing game, so if you question it, you can simply ask the person. Whether or not they’re interested, there’s still the bottom line of them not wanting a relationship with you, and that’s something that you need to come to terms with. So at the end of the day, it’s irrelevant, and you should move on.

You shouldn’t stick around waiting for someone to be ready and available for you. You should live your life, do your own thing, and if they come around when they’re available and ready to be in a relationship with you, then you can explore that situation if you’re still single, interested, and ready yourself. However, sitting there, wasting your time, and moping around because someone doesn’t want to be with you is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. Doing such can literally destroy your self-esteem, your pride, and your self-respect.

You should love yourself enough to be good to you, and not wait around for someone who isn’t at the same level and page as you are. Waiting around for someone that isn’t ready could very likely leave you alone at the end of the day, and they might even become ready, but end up becoming available to someone else instead. You deserve more than to wait for someone that doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. You should know your worth, and close the door to that situation, so that you can find your perfect match that will be ready, and just when you are.

Nothing in life is good when it’s forced. That goes for forcing someone’s feelings, forcing someone to be with you in a relationship, or even forcing friendships. If you have to force a person to be with you, and you end up together, staying in each other’s lives, you’ll never really know or feel that it was genuine and that they’re with you because they actually wanted to be with you or because they felt forced or trapped.

It’s better for people to be authentic and genuine. If someone doesn’t want to be with you, it’s better to know now, rather than later. You don’t need to feel down and depressed, because they don’t want you. You’ll never have to force the right match to be with you, because they’ll likely want to be with you just as much is you want to be with them. So be patient, and stay optimistic in your search, and remember, you should never have to force a relationship.

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