Is There Really Someone for Everyone?



For those who are single, and perhaps have been single for some time, many people will tell them not to fret, to keep hope, and that there’s someone for everyone. And honestly, I pretty much agree. However, that’s an empty statement, unless you expand on it. The only way that there’s someone out there for you, me, or anyone else, and who’s going to fit us just right, is to be open to finding him or her. Being open to meeting and getting to know different types of people is imperative if you want to have more of a chance at finding the one. But what’s also important, is not to be too picky, to the point where you pass people over and look the other way when every little thing doesn’t match up to your wants and needs.

We all hope to be with someone who we feel will complete us, and make us feel happier, and more alive. One thing is for sure, we all want to be with someone who we’ll feel comfortable with, can laugh with, and who will be easy going. And we all deserve to have the type of partner who will be our rock, our shoulder, and more than anything, our best friend, as well as our lover. We should all have what we want in our match, and never settle for less. You’re not being too picky for knowing what you want and not settling for something or someone who almost fits. Especially, when your expectations are reasonable. We all deserve to be with a person who fits us just right.

We should be with our soulmate, our beshert, and the one who truly brings new meaning to the idea of being whole. And obviously, there’s no telling who or when we’ll meet that special someone, or if we’ll ever really know if they’re our actual soulmate. But one thing is for sure, when you’re with the right person, things will flow for the most part, you should feel complete, you should smile more than you frown, laugh more than you cry, and you should feel it in your gut that this is the person who you can imagine growing old with.


I believe in love, in soulmates, and that we all have that one special someone out there—somewhere. But, we won’t find him or her unless we do the following.


The things that I’ve listed above are not only important for finding someone, but also, important if you want to make a situation work and give things more of a chance. I’ve previously written on all of these subject matters, and some of them, many times. Feel free to read through any that might seem of interest to you by clicking on the links. We can all improve ourselves, as we all should. And this is hopefully why you’re reading this—because you care enough about improving yourself, as well as to improve your chances at finding the one. So yes, we all have that one special person who I truly believe that we’re destined to meet and be with, but if you don’t put your all into everything, including being the best version of yourself, then your chances at finding that person will be slim, and take much longer.


Anne Cohen

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  1. I love this article Anne! Keep up the great posts. I clicked on a few others from here as well, and I’m learning a lot. Thank you for all that you do.

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